Fireplaces in all shapes, sizes and styles

Styles can be difficult to define, one person’s traditional is another’s modern, and a third’s archaic. Fireplace surrounds come in a wide variety of styles and sizes. The basic shape of the inner firebox is one way we group our fireplace designs.  These are Square Top and Gothic Arch Top           These […]

Fireplace Surround Options - The Provence

We have hundreds of different fireplace surround designs we do, straight from our catalog. Smooth, rounded, square classical, modern, nearly any style is covered, and each design has size option and additional choices.  One of our most popular designs is the Provence, and it has quite a set of options you can choose from, without […]

Building with Blocks

Building with Blocks   Cast Stone Blocks used as wall veneer      The cast stone marks the lower level, the blocks set off by an almost basement-like window and a wide chimney. Blocks can become a full home veneer. Cast Stone blocks as a complete wall veneer, with surrounds Cast Stone Blocks as complete wall […]

Interior Stone

Cast Stone used inside the home. We do many fireplaces, we have a separate catalog just for fireplaces. However, there is quite a bit you can with stone on the interior of a home besides a fireplace mantel, or in addition to a fireplace mantel.                     […]

Louisiana Department of Transportation Cast Stone Signage

Louisiana Cast Stone Signage – Some time ago we posted a couple of signs we did for the Louisiana Department of Transportation (see here) These and other designs were approved and are now in production, and we’ve been photographing them in the lot, drying a bit and waiting for shipment.     Below is the […]

Cast Stone Facade

Cast Stone Facades The Facade is the front facing section of a home. Any home may have more decorative and architectural than others or less, but one section faces the street and shows off what attractiveness the home has to offer.  We pull images from many places, as samples and inspiration for all to view […]

Grace Lutheran Church Window Restoration

Church Window Restoration –  Some time ago we were tasked with reproducing the stone for a very elaborate stained glass window,      Each piece of cast stone was drawn, reproducing the original design, creating repeatable sections of the window parts.   

Turtle Creek Restoration Article

Georgian Home Restoration –  Some time ago the Dallas Morning News ran an article on a classic historical home in one of the better residential neighborhoods of Dallas.  This three-level Georgian style home was designed by a prominent architect of the day, Anton Korn, and was built in 1922. The cast stone was replaced with […]