Excitement in the Air @ Mavs Kickoff Event

We’re all excited about the season starting. We had to stand in line for this photo and more than willingly, this was the man of the hour. There was a lot of electricity in the air all night.                                                     

Winning Matters!

One thing I have learned in business a winning team in your town makes doing business on a national scale much easier. It is always people doing business with people. When they can find common ground for conversation, deal making is more common.  Avery we wish you the best this season and let there be no doubt when you win we all win, it is good for Dallas.

And one more thing Avery. You coach with such passion it inspires me.

PS. Mark Cuban is a friend of mine from the premiere Club, he should get a little bit of the credit for having the good common sense to hire you!


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