Uptown Dallas Is Buzzing About Galleria Pierra

Founder Richard Carey found his niche in the cast stone industry. After 15 years of national success he afforded Dallas the luxury of a specialty stone showroom for Stone Legends named Galleria Pierra. “Pierra” not only is the Italian word for stone but the name of the gallery’s worldwide stone collector.

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galleria.jpgGiving back to the community in the form of supporting the arts. This 10,000 sq ft show room is a perfect venue to promote artists in majestic surroundings. We do a good mix of the up and coming as well as established works.  Laid out like an art museum this space has been transformed into a one of the most exciting venues for quaint gatherings that Dallas has to offer. The flowing space is generous 500 people can migrate through without feeling crowded. In the middle is an open air courtyard with a water wall fountain flanked by angels. The area is littered with sculptures of all kinds. It is a must see. As rare is ample up front parking, a real prize in the arts district these days.

GP entrance edited photo.jpgUpon entry to the gallery, visitors are greeted by a massive larger than life marble sculpture of 2 horses intertwined in play that is situated atop a Corinthian capital turned table base. The front 2 gallery halls come to life with imported marble and granite sculpture, architectural stone, and furniture including solid marble carved bathtubs! Throughout the gallery visitors are inspired by amazing photographs of cast stone jobs from across the nation that are truly inspirational especially for those embarking upon building a home of their own. More than a dozen Stone Magic cast stone fireplaces surrounds installed that are also on display. The entire back hall is dedicated to EDUCATION. Everything from stone samples and profile selection to the Stone Legends outlined and illustrated the patented step by step project process and much more are intelligently organized for added value.

07 13 06 Gallery Photo Shoot 005.jpgA visit to Galleria Pierra is a must see if you are considering building a home, are a designer, builder, architect, mason, or sculpture collector. Located in the trendy Uptown Dallas district, you’ll also find plenty of art galleries, fine cuisine, and entertainment. Richard conducts educational seminars regularly at the Galleria Pierra or at the south Dallas Stone Legends factory location. Factory hours are from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. However, the showroom is open by appointment only at this time. Please contact Aela Zamecki for more information.     

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