King of Starbucks

King of Starbucks by Richard Carey

I have met and networked with some really interesting people from Starbucks over the years. Anybody who knows me will attest to why they called me “King of Starbucks.” I personally think it is because I do not know when to shut up. Political correctness is not a part of my nature.

I have held various discussions from relationships to philosophical conversations on trends that many of which have come to pass, the economy, finance and have noticed how different men and woman’s perspectives are on these topics.  By “jawing with folks” I have learned a wealth of knowledge.  I have an assortment of friends from there – and all of them have contributed to what now is a reputation I live with.

I have had a great time making fun of life’s journey. We are not that much different from one another. If you have an open heart and listen you will find people are people. Money matters little in a coffee shop, even poor people can keep up with the Jones’, for the price of a cup. More noteworthy are conversations with people you could not approach in any other venue.

I first saw what an impact this social network of coffee drinkers would have when I joined the circus. While our act was in Quebec, Canada, a romantic city, the streets were lined with people sitting on the patio talking and drinking coffee. While there I envisioned the Starbucks Kingdom in the USA. Starbucks was not around at the time. People from all walks of life found themselves on a level playing field and it didn’t matter how much money you have, because the cost of admission was a cup of coffee.

Later I found myself taking up residence in my own local Starbucks where I have forged many meaningful relationships. It seems when people speak exactly what is on their mind, then something special happens. This last decade has brought me joy and a long list of friends I would never have met otherwise. I look forward to seeing each of you, and never tire of our conversations. Most of all, I enjoy laughing with all of you. I will tell a story below that my friends like to hear me tell that sealed my fate for the nickname.

YouTube link tostarbucks video

“If you’re not here after what I am here after, the you’ll be here after I am gone.”

I am sure my story is one of many across the country – a testament to the success of Starbucks.

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  1. Well I have been fortunate enough to get to spend some one on one with the King at Starbucks. Before I really knew R.C., I had seen him holding court at one of several area Starbucks on numerous occasions. I’m just glad I’ve had the opportunity to get involved in the conversation and look forward to many more.

    R.C……..your da man.



  2. Thank’s
    Brad if we could make money talking we would spend more time together there.

    You are a rare contributor about these parts because your all about tending to your own business. Tis the formula for success, of which I expect you will continue.

    Words shared are like seeds planted, a little coffee and no telling what will grow.



  3. Well I didn’t know that it was an official title when I told you of the story today of my friends who call you the King of Starbucks,.. I think they believed they had coined the title themselves. I would say it is a very fitting title after watching you there. And the fact that everyone thinks the same thing – that they coined the phrase, seems to say that you make the same great impression on everyone. I look forward to sharing a cup of coffee and some ideas,..


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