Scott Southall

I have a few words for his friends and family especially his wife; words intended to honor him not in passing but his effect on others. That will surely live on for all of us he touched.This place was enough to break any man god knows it broke me. Any mistake at all was costly and it kept us at each other’s throat, the intensity was unbearable at times and contributed to rapid turn over of employees.In the midst of a firestorm, here came Roger baring gifts. A little bat seemingly no purpose at all he would just hand it to you and in a sincere voice say I made this for you. I walked away perplexed and with a softness I much needed. The kind of humility one gets when he thinks too much of himself and not enough about others. In the months to come I came to notice a similar little whittled out bat on other select people’s desks around the factory. Those who were under the most stress got them first. I began to see

the culture change and from such an unlikely influence. Scott whom I already knew as a good worker, became a leader, an ambassador of good will. It is in this I counted him a blessing from the Lord on high.

Well I am not sure I can say I know how or why he was able to touch us so, especially with such a seemingly insignificant gesture. I think he touched our core in a way that made you feel humble. He made us see each other a little more human. You can take my word for it because creating an environment where people worked together was what I did for a living and measured my success in the accountability of our mutual cooperation. It is what it takes to cast it in stone. These were very hard times, and Scott had a soft spot for us empathy we all gladly welcomed.

So I will close by saying what was in his gesture was Scott’s acknowledgement in a gift of his own hand a simple thank you which if it is permitted that men could say between themselves I love you, never was it more clear than the way Scott served me. So for those he left behind I extend my regrets, but for a moment will you see Scott through my eyes, while I think not on his departure but more of what he left me with.

I still have that little bat…



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