Stone Legends Documentary

Stone Legends is the subject of a new documentary by the cable network news program “Closeup TV News“. Closeup TV News is an award winning production company specializing in business news and profiles of industry leaders. They recently visited out facility in South East Dallas, Texas, and interviewed Owner and General manager Richard Carey, and several other employees, along with other notable persons in the national building and architecture fields.The Documentary follows the manufacturing process as well as shows the unique support system Mr. Carey and Stone Legends have built. Past projects we have produces unique stone for are seen throughout. Custom Art, Production Techniques, Customer Service, Shipping; you can see a taste of everything Stone Legends has to offer in Cast Stone.

Click here to see the video

Several of the projects featured in this video will also be seen in the April issue of Architectural Digest. 



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  1. Hey Richard:

    I think this is an excellent piece and tells a great story.

    Well done. I hope it accomplishes what it was designed for.

    Thanks for the opportunity to speak on your behalf.

    I am a bigger fan than ever.


    Jeff Peterson
    Executive Director
    Architectural Digest


  2. Hi RC,

    Mary and I viewed your Stone Legends video and were so impressed! It’s really a wonderfully done professional production and you came across as an excellent spokesperson. We think it showcases you and the operation and especially the philosophy and art form really well. Even though I’ve seen your factory, it really helped me learn and understand more of the intricacies of your business. Well done.

    We have already sent this to our friends who are building their new house in Montecito, Ca. She has already sent a note back telling us this is exactly what she needed in order to show hubby some of her ideas.

    Scott and Mary Hollock


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