SL commercial

Closeup TV News produced a company profile and documentary on Stone Legends some time ago, and they are about to broadcast the program. They have produced a 30 second commercial for us, click here to view the commercial   ( and will be giving us broadcast dates for the complete program very soon. The dates for broadcast are May 2, June 13, and July 18. We will post the exact times and channels once we know.

This documentary has had everyone at Stone Legends, Stone Magic and Cast Stone Commercial Services very excited. The film team did a wonderful job of capturing our production plant, and our services, and they edited it all into a very well done program. Doug Lleyellyn was an excellent host and interviewer, and he brought out the best in our Owner/General manager, Richard Carey. We can’t thank the Close up TV news team enough, but we’ll try. Thanks to everyone who help produce the program.

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