An Architect Comes to Visit

At Stone Legends, we pride ourselves in our attention to detail. From the very beginning of a project we look for problems to solve, before they become costly.

An Architect from a Local firm visited our factory and met with the owner, Richard Carey and his response follows. We helped him find ways to coordinate and simplify his job, reducing mistakes and wasted effort, as well as creating a unique look for his project within a budget.

Richard –

I do appreciate your time and discussion. It is easy to see that you are passionate about making a high quality product. From a construction side you were able to show high level of quality control and product tracking.

On the architecture side the most important items that I took away from the meeting was the willingness to engage the architect early in the design process for a more efficient process. For me this would be helpful so that I am not wasting time drawing cast stone details that are either wrong or not needed. Also, you mentioned ways to provide a unique design or shape that might not add cost to the project. This area that I would spend the most time with your team if we are all selected for TRT building or another project in the future.

Thanks again for your time.

Ed McGonigle, AIA

Beck Architecture LLC

Blue Print

We put this level of quality and customer support into every stone we produce, and we always stand behind our work. See our website for more testimonials. Read about some of our best projects (Like the Oklahoma Governor’s Mansion)

Whether huge commercial buildings or residential properties, we make every effort to get customers the stone they need. We work closely with architects, builders, stone masons and ordinary customers to help them realize the design they envisioned.

We also provide a resource where an architect can use our library of CAD an architect can drop right into his work. He doesn’t have to draw the cast stone units, we’ve done the work for him, free of charge.

Boxwood Manor Entry                         

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