Letter to the Staff of Stone Legends

To the staff of Stone Legends:

Thank you, each and everyone. I have included this latter as public recognition of my great respect for each of you. At some risk of saying so, I believe our customers are just as fortunate as I am to have the privilege of associating with you.

This is much more than a catalog of stone. This is a catalog of your combined talents, knowledge and expertise. You are entitled to respect and recognition for your contributions. While the winning spirit you demonstrate every single day may never be featured on television, in a sports arena, or awarded a Pulitzer Prize, we have all been fortunate enough to receive an even greater honor: the trust and patronage of our customers.

We at Stone Legends are privileged to work for those who live and practice the pursuit of excellence. They are the most affluent families in the country, and they have consistently selected you gain and again. Each of you have achieved tremendous heights, and I urge you to continue your quest for excellence, and to ponder these thoughts as you do:

 Excellence is warehoused in the smallest details. Do micro manage.

 Excellence is elusive, but obvious if ignored. I don’t know, but now I do.

 Excellence is knowledge, captured it’s worthless until released. Share what you know.

 Excellence is what you know coupled with what you do not; success is knowing the difference. The more you know, the more you realize there is to learn.

 Excellence is the marketplace, judge and jury. You cannot buy it. Serve well and be rewarded.

So, we march on, tutored by the unforgiving nature of casting stone that we have all come to know and respect. I am positive that with time, the numbers that respect what you do will continue to grow. Remember: “It is cast in stone”, a saying I have an ever-increasing respect for. You have exceeded all expectations by vigorously pursuing excellence, a feat that can never be accomplished without the humility of giving yourself to the task at hand.

You are distinguished both in talent and knowledge, and the strength of synergy in your combined abilities is formidable. As you mature in the future, growth will make you strong because of the organization of your past efforts, and you will be among the most competitive in the world.

Although most prized, this catalog is only a small potion of the sacrifices you have made in preparation of going forward.

Quality, Time, and Money. No matter how the customer makes the decision, you have the ability to compete wherever you are required. Quality is an overused term these days, so I will sum it up in this manner: do the best you can every time and inevitably you get better with practice. You have made a lot of stone, and the demand for your stone will continue to increase. And if you keep exceeding your customers’ expectations, it looks like you’re going to make a whole lot more, so give them your best, no regrets.

You’re got my best, no regrets!

Richard L. Carey
Executive General Manager

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