January 2015

Corinthian Columns

Corinthian Columns Definition – The most ornate and of the three main orders of classical Greek architecture (with Doric and Ionic) characterized by a slender fluted column with an ornate capital decorated with leaf designs. Features of a Corinthian Column: Fluted shaft Capital decorated with scrolls, acanthus leaves, and flowers Ornaments on the capital flare […]

Doric Columns Definition – In their original Greek version, Doric columns stood directly on the flat floor of a temple without a base; their vertical shafts were fluted with 20 parallel concave grooves; and they were topped by a smooth capital Ancient builders developed several Orders, or rules, for the design and proportion of buildings, […]

Ionic Columns Definition – The Ionic column, like corinthian, is always more slender than the Doric: Ionic columns are eight and nine column-diameters tall. Ionic columns have scroll-shaped ornaments on the capital. The Ionic order originated in the mid-6th century BC in Ionia, the southwestern coast and islands of Asia Minor settled by Ionian Greeks. […]

Scamozzi Columns A style derived from nothern italian architecture. Named after a Venetian architect in the second half of the 16th century. Scroll ornaments at the capital, with rounded accents similar to the Ionic. Narrow height of capital, similar to Ionic. Four point capital shape top side, similar to Corinthian.

Tuscan Columns Definition – Tuscan was a simple architectural form practiced in ancient Italy. A Tuscan column is plain, without carvings and ornaments. Features of a Tuscan Column: Shaft sets on a simple base Shaft is usually plain, not fluted (grooved) Shaft is slender, with proportions similar to a Greek Ionic column, more slender than […]

Verona Style Columns

Verona Columns Definition – Another later Italian style, Verona is not considered a “classic” order of columns. It is a less ornamented style, with few hard edges or crisp lines of definitions. Features of a Verona Column: Identical capitals and bases Curving profile to capitals Slim shaft, like Corinthian and Ionic

Square columns are a common variation. ———————————————————————– Spiral shaft designs like rope style are also not difficult to find ———————————————————————- This next photograph has an octagonal shaft. It also has the option entasis, or the widening of the shaft in the middle. Shafts that taper toward the top are very common, if you look at […]

Stone fireplaces add something to any room, and there are many styles to fit any decor. The first example is a simpler style, one profile for the surround, and another for the mantle. Many fireplaces will also have a flat hearth stone under the fireplace as well. The next example is a bit more complex, […]

The next four fireplace designs are quite similar. All are standard height, with a circle top firebox, and a central decorative element. The first is the least complex, with definition lines, but no artistic touches other than the scroll keystone. The second example has similar lines and profiles, but has a carved bias relief in […]

These fireplaces are the most complex and detailed designs. The first fireplace design is uncomplicated, but has custom art statuary as columns Next is a popular style of fireplace surrounds, with a curving scroll-like firebox top and many other ornate scrollwork and finely detailed accents. This style takes on a look recalling French architecture and […]