Fireplace Design Styles 1

Stone fireplaces add something to any room, and there are many styles to fit any decor. The first example is a simpler style, one profile for the surround, and another for the mantle. Many fireplaces will also have a flat hearth stone under the fireplace as well.

Fireplace Example - Clipping from Architectural Digest, Mar 05

The next example is a bit more complex, with column-like legs and flat panels, with a curved top and both mantle above and a hearth below.

Fireplace Example - Clipping from Southern Accents, Jul/Aug 06

Next is another clean design style, basic profile and mantle, but this one adds a tall upper mantle.
Fireplace Example - Clipping from Elle Decor, May 06

The next design adds several levels of detail. The basic profile, mantle, legs, and curved top of the firebox (this time with a gothic style curve) have increased lines of definition, and the flat panels have lines as well.

Fireplace Example - Clipping from Veranda, Mar/Apr 03

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  1. The stone seems to grow or get bigger in the room, part of the way it speaks permanence


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