Tuscan Columns

Tuscan Columns

Definition – Tuscan was a simple architectural form practiced in ancient Italy. A Tuscan column is plain, without carvings and ornaments.

Features of a Tuscan Column:

Shaft sets on a simple base
Shaft is usually plain, not fluted (grooved)
Shaft is slender, with proportions similar to a Greek Ionic column, more slender than Doric
Smooth, round capitals (tops) with an additional ring just below the capital
No carvings or other ornaments

Tuscan and Doric Columns Compared:

A Tuscan column resembles a Doric column from ancient Greece. Both column styles are simple, without carvings or ornaments. However, a Tuscan column is more slender than a Doric column. Also, the shaft of a Tuscan column is usually smooth, while a Doric column usually has flutes (grooves).

Tuscan columns often found with Georgian style architecture

Tuscan Column Capital
Tuscan Column Drawing
Tuscan Column Photo Example
Tuscan Column Photo Example

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