April 2015

A Truly Elegant Residence - Pt 4 The Pool Area

This interior courtyard, pool area takes this home beyond ordinary mansions. With many landscaping and patio features the pool area is roofed over with glass and contains the swimming pool and sauna, as well as sitting areas, fountains, statuary and a small indoor garden, as well as an upper level balcony.

A Truly Elegant Residence - Pt 3 - The Interior

These photos show a beautiful decor (and a photographer who knows how to light a room) There is a small amount of stone in these photos, although several pieces are very similar to stone units we at Stone Legends manufacture. These columns are not an SL product, but we make columns virtually identical to these, […]

A Truly Elegant Residence - Pt 2 - The Entryway

Let’s look closer at the central feature of the project exterior, the entry, including the stairs balustrade and columns leading to the front door, the balustrade and newel piers of the balcony, and the surrounding banding and ornamentation. Floor plan of the front part of the home. Cast Stone unit drawings for middle section of […]