Spirit of the West, Cast in Stone – Pt 1

This Ranger sign we did for NWOSU (North Western Oklahoma State University) was a special piece of work, all of our communal skills used in one fairly small unit. The college mascot already had a design, and at least one statue prominently displayed on campus. This would sit at the street in front of the school.

North Western Oklahoma State University - Ranger Sign

The ranger design was a custom design bas-relief statue. They gave us several pieces of design material for our on-staff artists to work from.

NWOSU - Ranger Sign
NWOSU – Ranger Sign

The artist began shaping the horse, and filling in details.

NWOSU - Ranger Sign - Sculpting the Horse

The horse gains a rider, and the rider gains a face.

NWOSU - Ranger Sign - The Rider

NWOSU - Ranger Sign - Close up of the horse

The mold is completed, and ready for casting.

NWOSU - Ranger Sign - Completed positive mold

North Western Oklahoma State University – Cast Stone Ranger Sign

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