Spirit of the West, Cast in Stone – Pt 2

Close up details of the installed sign.

North Western Oklahoma State University - Ranger Sign

While searching the area on Google Earth, we ran across the mason installing our stone. Masonry by Leroy Ardnt.

Thank you Mr Ardnt, our product is nothing but a pile of rocks without a qualified masonry installer.

On further research I discovered that Mr Ardnt had passed away on Monday, July 14, 2014, in Oklahoma City, at the age of 60, His obituary mentions his dedication to the art of masonry, and the visibility of his work in Alva, OK. We always miss excellence and artistry. Thank you again.

NWOSU - Ranger Sign - Installation

North Western Oklahoma State University - Ranger Sign

Top left photo by Jordan McCalister via flicker.com, bottom right from NWOSU university website.

(We could never get to North Western Oklahoma in the snow for that lovely shot)

Cast Stone Sign NWOSU Ranger

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