Architectural Banding in Cast Stone – Pg 2 – Midline Banding

Midline banding is generally, any band that isn’t at the bottom or the top. The styles and profiles usable for midline are nearly infinite, the options are less constrained that Cornice or Watertable. The band will usually run aligned with the top of a window surround or entry, or the visual position of a second level floorline, but can go about anywhere.

Many banding applications are rather wide, sometimes more than a foot across. Using multiple profiles makes the individual pieces lighter and easier to install. Several profiles are often stacked together as a single course, (a set of profiles installed together as a single band)

Banding Cross Section

See the attachment hardware and the airspace between in this drawing of a profile family on a brick wall.

Midline Banding Cross Section

This profile family cross-section shows two profiles forming a single wide band. The setting line makes them form a continuous shape that rises from the top and fades back into the brick at the bottom.

Midline Banding

Midline Banding

These two examples show a midline running at the middle of the wall, at the floorline of the second floor. The lower image shows a narrow profile band running into a wider band, made of two identical profiles, with one reversed and a flat panel between them.

Midline Banding

This home uses two midline banding courses, (the lower could be defined as a watertable) . This home also shows one other style of banding. While it is seldom called banding, Quoins can be considered a VERTICAL banding. This home uses fluted square columns as quoins, see the first midline example photo to see a more typical set of quoins running up a corner.

Cast stone Midline Banding

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