The Hero Lives On (and plays a mean round of golf)

You never know, I guess little boys reside in us forever.

As an adult I might not so willingly admit how many episodes, much less reruns of the TV program Hercules I’ve seen. You never in a million years think you will meet him in person much less spend the day with him playing golf. Recently, at a celebrity charity sponsored by Bob’s Steak and Chop House I did just that. Much to my surprise he was the same pleasant spirit, with the same gentleness only real inner strength portrays, and with all that he had the humility he portrayed as my hero Hercules.

Well maybe the humility waned a little on hole number two when Kevin knocked a 250 yard # 3 wood stiff, leaving less than a 10 foot putt, He had the honor of sinking for the second eagle of the day.

For many, Kevin Sorbo’s run on Hercules: The Legendary Journeys And Xena is untouchable, and made him a household name to fans both young and old. He also starred in the adventure movie “Kull the Conqueror”, a story from the author and world of “Conan the Barbarian”. Sorbo’s next major role on the sci-fi series Andromeda made him one of the few nerd icons capable of leaping from swords to spaceships, but the son of Zeus he will forever be. He even reprised the Hercules role in the video game, God of War III – not quite the same character.

In life we suffer many disappointments especially when we elevate people in status and admiration. You know it is nice when your boyhood hero really does turn out to be a hero. He was our team’s hero on the second hole, but it was his role in the low budget film “God Is Dead” that had won me over. His wife and he were on a talk show promoting the movie when I first realized he was a real life hero, the kind of hero that faces such things as a brain aneurysm. To me it was the same as looking death in the eye and smiling only to go on to do even greater things.

I can honestly say if ever there was a fan club I wanted to join it would be Kevin’s. God bless him and thank you for the time, past, present, and by grace the future.

Richard Carey

Richard Carey & Kevin Sorbo
Kevin Sorbo and Richard Carey meet at a Charity Golf Tournament in Dallas

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