Art for Louisiana

Custom Cast Stone Signage

This 5′ x 9′ custom stone art signage is for the Louisiana Department of Transportation, the art work was designed for a mix-master highway interchange in Shreveport, on Highway I-49.

A funny story to tell: Our stone has quartz in it that refracts light, and for years prior to digital photography, the light coming off the stone would burn the film. In bright sunlight the details washed out lit very carefully. I saw the need to not have flat surfaces that were relieved one half of an inch stepping up and down to make the art work a relief. So I contacted the general contractor PCL Civil Constructors asking for a meeting to discuss my artistic liberty. Little did I know what I had asked for?

Some time later a call was arranged upon my behalf to discuss my inputs as an artist. I never got an exact account on how many people were on the conference call, but there seemed to be several people on the other end of the line.

As one might expect they were concerned at what this modification was going to cost? I explained that I believed I could do it in the same budget though it did increase the difficulty. Now after that statement, I had a following that was growing, and though there was a cost to bear, it would not be passed along to them, since I felt it was in the best interest of the State of Louisiana to have our best effort. I further described, as I did above, the inherent nature of stone’s ability to refract light and how to use it to our advantage. They accepted the idea in premise, or the main speaker did, and I started to move on to the next step of approving the art work.

Not so fast, one voice said, and then another chimed in and another soon I was starting to figure out just how many people were on the call, and it was getting out of hand quickly, These people were certainly passionate about the art for their project. So, just before things went critical I said with a loud voice “HOLD IT”

As the airways fell silent, in a voice of assurance that was as bold as I could speak and still sound calm I said, “At the risk of sounding like Donald J Trump …. Trust me, your going to love it.”

That’s when I know there were even more on the conference call that I could have imagined as laughter broke out like a stadium. I was allowed my artistic liberty. Here is one of the four designs that got approved with no changes. More to come…


Cast Stone Signage

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