September 2016

Right Elevation - Luxe Homes Design/Build

Olde World Homes/LUXE Homes Design+Build From: Bryan Leith Subject: Our visit to Stone Legends in Dallas. Team, As most of you know David Gibbons, Nick, and myself made a trip to Dallas to go visit Stone Legends to check out their operation, product, and meet with the owner Richard Carey and staff. We were also […]

Belle Fiore Winery Chateau

One of the homes we just mentioned in the previous post needs further mention. We produced this home in southern Oregon, and the home has become something much more. This estate has a working vinyard, as well as a luxurious resort and event facility. Most of our photos were taken before all the landscaping was […]

Chateauesque Style Home

Cast Stone Chateauesque Style Many of the homes we produce stone for follow classic architectural styles. Some of the grandest homes we do are in the “Chateauesque” style. This first home is a great example. This home is part of the Belle Fiore Vineyard and Winery, and includes a bed and breakfast and a wedding […]

Cast Stone Stairs Staircase

Cast Stone Staircases One of our biggest, grandest, most visually stunning groups of products is our staircase units. We will build a set of cast stone stairs in whatever width, elevation and angle you need to walk up or down from, straight, curved or split. carefully designed to fit together like a huge 3 Dimensional […]