Style and Cast Stone – Chateauesque Style

Cast Stone Chateauesque Style

Many of the homes we produce stone for follow classic architectural styles. Some of the grandest homes we do are in the “Chateauesque” style. This first home is a great example. This home is part of the Belle Fiore Vineyard and Winery, and includes a bed and breakfast and a wedding chapel.

Chateauesque Style Home

Chateauesque style

Chateauesque style is a revival of the architectural styles of the French renaissance, in particular French country houses built in the Loire Valley of the 1500’s, which were influenced by late Gothic and Italian Renaissance architecture. The revival primarily ran from the late 1800’s to the 1910’s.

Chateauesque houses have many of these features:

homes are invariably large mansions
highly ornamented roofline
ornate windows and doors
tall, elaborate chimneys
steeply pitched hipped roof
multiple dormers, towers, and turrets
stone or masonry construction

Chateauesque Style Hom

These photos were taken just after construction was completed, but before the landscaping and grape vines were put in. You can see the final look (with all the plants covering up our cast stone!) here,

Chateauesque Style Home

Here is a different project, a very castle-like design. The checker-board pattern is light and dark square stone panels.


Chateauesque Style Home


Chateauesque Style Home

This is a third Chateauesque home, a bit smaller than the previous two palaces, but still an impressive architectural design. Note each of the three have a round (Hexagonal here, Octagonal on the first property) Each have grand staircases, and curved window surround tops, and each has a row of midline banding, along with a rough stone wall cladding.

Chateauesque Style Home

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