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From: Bryan Leith
Subject: Our visit to Stone Legends in Dallas.


As most of you know David Gibbons, Nick, and myself made a trip to Dallas to go visit Stone Legends to check out their operation, product, and meet with the owner Richard Carey and staff. We were also fortunate enough to meet up with Josh for dinner on Tuesday night, which was awesome. (Thanks again Josh!)

A brief summary of our visit and our experience with Stone Legends and Richard Carey: We were absolutely blown away with the company as a whole and the product that they produce! We were equally impressed with Richard and his knowledge, passion, and SUPER detailed processes to ensure that he is sending out the absolute best product possible for the best possible price.

He has a HUGE staff; from craftsman carpenters making all of the molds (tens of thousands), to architects and drafters making sure that every detail is shown, the shipping department ensuring that all of the material is exactly marked and palletized in the most secure form we have ever seen, and the production team to fill the molds and produce the final product (all by hand)! We are fully confident and even more excited to use their product for Linkners project and more for the future.

Bryan Leith
Olde World Homes/LUXE Homes Design+Build

Front Elevation - Luxe Homes Design/Build

Left Elevation - Luxe Homes Design/Build

Rear Elevation - Luxe Homes Design/Build

Right Elevation - Luxe Homes Design/Build

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  1. I consider it a privilege any time our customers make a visit to the factory & I get a chance to put on a display the collective skills the people here posses, hence the statement it is all hand made. These comments are similar to many others after a factory visit. Most all speak with a great deal of appreciation for just how much goes into making cast stone.

    Even more challenging is the daunting administrative process necessary to keep track & status of all the procedures that allow us to make accurate predictions on delivery. This is done under the individual and unique requirements for small highly customized specialty order. Behind the scenes we are doing real time accounting in order to accommodate changes in the field, customer add on material, all the documentation needed to manage the delivery manifest in a specific order, control on site inventory with cross reference to the unit parts needed, provide assembly instructions, unit drawings with all joint dimensions for setting the stone with part mark placement. Our customers have advance notice of landing the stone to a 4 hour window, coast to coast.

    Richard Carey


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