The most visible part of your home is probably the front entry. And if that part is stunning, that’s what everyone passing will remember. Some of our most impressive and palatial unit assemblies are front entries.

Cast Stone Entry
Our cast stone entries come in several categories,

Flat entries that sit against the wall around the door.

Recess entries that sit against the wall, but have a space between the wall and the door

Portico entries that project out into the space in front of the door. Some have a balcony area above the portico, with balustrade.

Full Facade entries combine elements of the preceding three, and expand outward to cover walls and often a window above the door, sometimes reaching three floors

Flat Entries
Cast Stone Entry

The entry has several classic details, like the art on the brackets. But it just goes around the door, with no recess or projection, and no extension above the header.

Cast Stone Entry

This flat entry has a second floor extention. The shape and size of the door and the shapes and profiles of the header above the door are repeated in the window, but again, it’s all flat against the wall, with no extension out or in.

Alcove Entries
Cast Stone Alcove Entry

This entry has a small alcove, or recessed section to it, in addition to the balustrade above.

Cast Stone Entry

This is our Monte Carlo model entry, a massive and intricate design full of architectural style. It also has a narrow alcove, recessed to the door.

Porch & Portico Entries

Cast Stone Entry
This entry has a porch and staircase below, and a balustraded patio above, along with a pool and fountain in front.

Cast Stone Entry

Stone Legends Cast Stone Entry, Porch Entry

Cast Stone Entry

Cast Stone Entry

Full Facade Entries

Cast Stone Entry

Cast Stone Entry

Cast Stone Entry

Cast Stone Entry Drawing

Finally, one of our most impressive single units ever, a highly detailed three level cast stone entry, with columns and balustrade and scrollwork, and many custom features.

Entries contain features of many of our other products, columns of all styles, surrounds and keystones, balustrade and staircases. Many of our entries resemble larger versions of our fireplace designs. (see for our complete fireplace product line) By taking an element of your chosen entry, say the column style, or the surround design, and extending it across the rest of the home, you can make a coherent look for the entire project. We have dozens of distinctly different entry units in our catalog, and each one can be modified into a unique custom design.

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