Our Industry Awards

Our Industry Awards, and recognition from the cast stone industry.

Recently we were recognized for our company’s standard of excellence in our manufacturing processes. Stone Legends has won Corporate Livewire’s Innovation & Excellence Awards 2017. Corporate Livewire is a business information reporting firm, gathering data on corporate transactions, international markets, business strategy and changes in legislation. They put together an array of awards covering many different sectors on industry to highlight what they see as the best in business.

Corporate LiveWire Innovation and Excellence Award 2017

Using computer aided design and sophisticated database management tools, Stone Legends can design and produce unique stone features for your projects architecture or landscaping.

We’ve also won a few of the Cast Stone Institutes Excellence awards, given out to recognize a company for single specific projects. We won one for this project we profiled not long ago.

CSI Residential Excellence Award 2015

(See more about this project)
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We also won another CSI award for this project, back in 2012, part of SMU’s quadrangle area.


(see more of this project)

We thank everyone who has seen what we do, and recognized our commitment to this excellence. We wouldn’t change without you, but we’d be a whole lot less successful.

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