Landscaping Cast Stone Accents

Cast Stone Accents for Landscaping and Hardscapes
Landscaping Cast Stone Accents

Cast Stone Fountain and Pool
While most of our products are architectural, going on a building and shaping it’s style, we have a whole different set of products that stand alone on the ground, or are part of an outdoors area.

Cast Stone Landscaping Planter

Outdoor furniture will take a beating from the sun, rain, and other weathering. Unless it’s made of stone. Not even the heaviest hailstorm will break a table or bench we’ve made. These beautiful pieces of outdoor furniture are all but indestructible.

Cast Stone Landscaping Bench

Cast Stone Landscaping Table

We also manufacture a lot of purely decorative products, from finials, planters, urns and statuary, to fountains of all sizes.

Stone Legends Cast Stone Landscaping

Stone Legends Cast Stone Landscaping

Our fountains are a specialty and we make all types and sizes. We produce them wall mounted, free standing, or with a pool. We produce many classically styles designs, such as these ancient styled wall fountains, and several design and sizes of multitiered fountains.

Cast Stone Landscaping Wall Fountain

Stone Legends Cast Stone Landscaping

Cast Stone Landscaping Fountain and Statue

Cast Stone Landscaping Lion Head Fountain and Pool

<See a few fountain designs we created for commercial projects>

We’ve built patios and pool areas, with stone pavers and balustrade all around to fit any size or sloped area. The ultimate little outdoor living area is one of our stone gazebos. These will take you back to the very, very olden times, bring your own roman feast. We have many designs, with options or we’ll build you something custom designed to fit your space.

Stone Legends Cast Stone Gazebo
Stone Legends Cast Stone Landscaping

Landscaping Cast Stone Accents

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