Landscaping Cast Stone Walls. In the previous blog post we mentioned fountains with pools. These pools often have a low wall around them, sometimes with a stone cap along the top edge. This is the simplest landscape wall. They get bigger, taller and more complicated from there. We produce helical curved parts to fit any twist and/or turn you need a wall to follow.

Landscaping Cast Stone Walls

Cast Stone Wall Cap Scroll

Cast Stone Wall and Pier Caps

Tall brick fences are usually topped off with a cast stone cap. These walls will often have a pier set at regular intervals and at the corners, and these will also have a cast stone cap. Or you can do something like that top image, you can put a wall fountain, like the lion head, along with scrolls and smooth elegant curves.

Cast Stone Pier Cap

Cast Stone Wall and Pier Cap

The landscaping walls do not need to be of brick or natural cut stone. Instead, the walls can be covered with a stone veneer. The photo two up from here has natural cut stone panels for walls. Or our Random Blocks patterned panels of cast stone work just like the cut stone pattern. Below is a Stucco wall, and two below is a wall made of a patterned balustrade.

Cast Stone Wall Cap

Cast Stone Wall

Cast Stone Wall

These balustrade styles shown above we call screening. You can also make a wall from stacked profiles, as seen below this caption.

Cast Stone Wall

Cast Stone Wall Cap

When the landscape or the shape of the wall takes a dip or rise, we can design you wall and pier caps to match any curve or slope needed

Cast Stone Wall Cap

Cast Stone Landscaping Wall and Pier Cap

Cast Stone Landscaping Pier and Wall Cap

And to top it off we have decorative finials. Besides this ball finial (one of our most popular designs, we have several sizes and variations) we produce small urns and other shapes such as crosses and spires to add a decorative touch to your landscaping walls, as well as stone art panels and decorative accents of just about any style.

Cast Stone Landscaping Pier Cap

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