Masonry is a Tough Business

Masonry is a Tough business.

Just the kind of no-excuse people I like. They are the epitome of the “Made In USA” brand. These people in the trades have never been more important to all of us than they are right now.


Richard Carey, Executive GM
Richard Carey, Executive GM


Stone Legends Plant Aerial View
Stone Legends Plant, Dallas Tx

Cast Stone requires a lot of collaborative effort  between trades and manufacturer. Listening to the installers is critical to our success.  

Our size allows us to do the really big jobs, and oddly enough, it also allows us  take on the really small or very complex jobs. It puts one in a great position to service and keep masons moving.

I am Richard Carey, founder of Stone Legends, with 30 years of manufacturing stone behind me. Like you, we tackle the job one stone at a time, to the tune of 500+ million pounds and counting. These are the people you want on your job. Like you, they embody the slogan Made In The USA.

Stone Legends Project

Stone Legends Project

Full Masonry Facade, 76,000 Sq Ft Mansion, West Palm Beach, FL

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Village at Meridian Mall, ID
Village at Meridian Mall, ID


Village at Meridian Mall, ID


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