Surround Families

Window and Door Surround Families

We have a standard set of profiles designed to be used together, a sort of mix and match, choose one of each category, surround families. below is one set. There are 5 different profiles, each with a depth for stone next to brick, and a depth for stucco uses. And we have a keystone for each depth and two window sill profiles. You can select other profiles, but the depths of the other profiles might need to change to match. Keystones can be switched out pretty easily, and there are dozens more profiles for headers and sides and sills, and then there are the add on options like crowns and ears and plinths. See more on our website, Click Here.

Window Surround Families
Window Surround Families Complete Set


This example below may be our most popular single combination, Jamison Bolson Chamfer. 

Note how the sill and keystone project out from the surround profile, Jamison. That is part of what brings profiles together as a family. The sill may be slanted across it’s top face, and the surround profile must meet the sill profile properly. This is why not every profile will work with any other. But whatever profile you want, we can find a family to go with it. Call us and ask, show us your plans.

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Window Surround Families Example
Window Surround Families Example

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