More Profiles for Surrounds

More Profiles for Surrounds

Surround Profiles

Besides the 10 profiles in our “Legend Heritage” profile family, we have literally hundreds of different profiles. If you have something in mind, we probably have something similar. Many of the profiles have a variety of different sizes and depths to go alongside brick, stucco, or other materials, so without getting into custom design we have almost anything you could want. And we do a lot of custom profiles and units, that is not problem, but that all takes time and costs money.

Our printed catalog has one selection of profiles, with over 100 basic shapes and some with as many as 25 variations. Everything in here is a standard stock profile, ready for production, and some are ready made inventory, available to ship.

SL-Catalog Chapter9 Page - 383 Surround Profiles
SL-Catalog Chapter9 Page – 383 Surround Profiles


More profiles can be found online. We have an online catalog that has even more profile selections.

There is another page on our website that helps you buy profiles by the linear foot, skipping all design service fees. (a good thing for an installer, or a builder who has many similar projects. This has a large selection of profiles, some with very large selections of size variations.

Nearly all of these profiles are considered “Stock Molds” that we have ready for production. Certainly the print catalog is stock, call us to be sure any specific profile variation has tooling (the mold) available. There are many more we have that don’t appear in any catalog, it is simply not possible to keep everything updated with new profiles and designs we have made.

If that isn’t exactly what you need, as I said we do completely unique custom profiles and units each and every day. We have been known to destroy a mold after production is complete, just so your profile is never reused again.

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