Cast Stone by the Part

Cast Stone by the Part

A single block of cast stone is a part. If you know what you want, or have a good stone mason who does, you can send us a order of the number of parts you need and with financial approval, move your order straight into production, no design or drafting costs, no tooling costs, no time with design submittal and approval. We make stone and ship it to you.


See our basic standard parts we produce for most any of our hundreds of profiles, click here.


And to see a more complete list of different parts we can make out of a profile, click here.


Window Surround Parts Required Diagram
Window Surround – Parts Required Diagram


You can see the various parts needed for a window surround, not all profiles extruded, like the single keystone seen here. Our standard part size is 36″, so this design would work with a window 6′ X 6′, and larger with a spacer straight part.

Banding Parts Required Diagram
Banding – Parts Required Diagram


The same parts are used in banding runs, all around the project. Pick a profile, measure the linear feet needed, count inside and outside corners and tell us what you want. Simple as that.

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