Cast Stone Estimating

Cast Stone Estimating

The first step in producing cast stone for a project is taking the plans and turning them into an estimate or bid. The best bids will specify as line-items the stone based on the architect’s or builder’s drawings. A good estimator will take customer plans and break them down into logical masonry units. Similar types of units are repeated or measured by linear foot and profiles. For instance: all linear feet of windows, or each of the columns, or the linear feet of balustrade.

Customer Plan Placement Example
Customer Plan Placement Example


Plan Placement (Above) relates the number of units estimated to the original plan. The bubbles call out the product area. In this case, WSR is the abbreviation for Windows. This Window is number 7 of a total of 17 Units. See Proposal below.


Customer Plan Placement Example
Customer Plan Placement Example
Questions to ask when comparing estimates

Competing estimates cannot be accurately compared if they are not broken down into quantifiable components, and quality and service factored into the decision.  Some questions to ask when you compare different stone estimates:

  1. What size profiles are being estimated? Dimensions of the cross section of the stone estimated.
  2. How can I take advantage of the manufacturers’ standard sizes and shapes? What does the manufacturer offer as standards?
  3. Are the corners of the various units cast in, or does my mason have to cut those on site?
  4. What types of attachments, slots, and drip edges should be cast into the stone for best installation and performance on site? 
  5. How long will the process take? What can be done to speed it up and what will slow it down?
  6. How will I be able to find specific stones on site once the stone is delivered? What are the inventory controls available for storage on site?
  7. Look for example projects, Samples of the stone, and when called for quality assurances. View the manufacturer’s facility. Look at round, or hard to do parts, and finally examine detail shop drawings.

The Estimate is not a final design. Once the project is awarded to Stone Legends, we take the estimate and exactly design each piece we will produce, then we submit this to our customer and they must approve it, Once the customer, any of his hired tradesmen and consultants, and our design team agree to the design and the price, we will begin the production process, and will schedule delivery dates with the owner and installers.

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