Custom Cast Stone

Custom Cast Stone  JJust about anything you can imagine a structure to look like can be made from cast stone.

Much of our products are of a similar sort, shaped parts for surrounds, horizontal banding, Standard columns of the classic Greek and Roman orders, balustrade shaped like lathed wood, or other classic styles. We do much more than that.

Stone art for signs, decorative panels and statuary is a popular custom cast stone product, we’ve blogged several times on stone art.

Art for Louisiana (Sign for LA Dept Trans)

Anything you can imagine (Sign and Art Brochure

Can You See The Signs (Signs for UNT Denton)

Borden Dairy Factory (Classic logo in Cast Stone)

Spirit of the West, Cast in Stone (Installation of Ranger Signage)

Spirit of the West, Cast in Stone (Creation & Design of Statuary)

And a slideshow of the design process


This doesn’t begin to demonstrate the range of possibilities that cast stone can fulfill. Cast stone can be used to reproduce some very ornate, downright complicated stone units. See this renovated church window surround of cast stone.


Stone Legends Custom Cast Stone Project

Stone Legends Custom Cast Stone Project


Custom Cast Stone units can be produced in any area of a project, any type of stone unit. The next image is a unique column design, a very non-classical column design. The door surround to the right is also a unique design, both with a somewhat Persian/Middle Eastern look.

Stone Legends Custom Cast Stone Project

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