Fireplace Surround Options – The Provence

We have hundreds of different fireplace surround designs we do, straight from our catalog. Smooth, rounded, square classical, modern, nearly any style is covered, and each design has size option and additional choices. 

One of our most popular designs is the Provence, and it has quite a set of options you can choose from, without leaving standard catalog designs. 

The Provence has 5 different standard widths of firebox areas, 40″, 42″, 48″, 54″, & 60″. The space you have in your project for the fireplace will likely govern your choice of width. See the chart at the bottom of this post to see the complete dimensions of any of the Provence catalog designs. See all our Fireplace Design here at


First is the basic Provence design, what we call “petite”. 




Fireplace Surround Options – Provence

Next we add a lower mantel to the design. Each of these mantel options come in all 5 standard sizes. 




This photo also shows another option. The photo above and the rest below all show a 2″ hearth stone at the floor, while this one has a deeper one, maybe 6″ high. We can produce a raised hearth of just about any height. 

Then comes the full floor-to-ceiling mantel. 




Notice the color pattern on this one, a custom option. We can produce custom matched colors, as well as textures like this one, called Coral Stone. This hearth has a beveled edge to it as well. 

The next image shows a different design, that includes an extra high full mantel. We can easily customize elements like the mantel height to exactly match your room. 



The next shows a simple custom design, a full length mantel WITHOUT the lower mantel section. Like the previous photo example, this is not a standard design, but it is a simple customization, something we design and produce often. 

Below is a chart of the different dimensions of each variation of the Provence design. We can make one to fit your project, and this is just one of 40 basic catalog designs we have in our most recent catalog, all having size, hearth, and design options, and decorative touches. Call us at 800-597-3606,, or see the website,


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