Fireplaces in all shapes, sizes and styles

Styles can be difficult to define, one person’s traditional is another’s modern, and a third’s archaic. Fireplace surrounds come in a wide variety of styles and sizes. The basic shape of the inner firebox is one way we group our fireplace designs. 

These are Square Top and Gothic Arch Top

shape_squareTop  shape_gothicArch


PalatineStaged  LeafTudorForma2


These three are Circle Top, Oval Top, and Eyebrow. 

    shape_circleTop  shape_ellipticalTop  shape_eyebrowTop


Bordeaux-154450    Prov-Petite-65730



Fireplaces in all shapes

Some styles don’t quite fit into any of these, or into more than one. We also have a “search by style” page.

This is one example of French Country Style below


Fireplaces in all shapes

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