Remodeling and Home Design

Stone Legends manufactures cast stone and cut stone of the highest quality.
We specialize in crafting beautiful cast stone columns, cast stone veneers, balustrades and window and door surrounds.

Our affiliated companies:

Stone Magic currently offers a variety of fireplace designs. Most of these come in different sizes to fit a number of firebox openings. Our surrounds are specified by name and opening size. The choices we offer are expansive and allow you freedom to choose a mantel that fits your individual needs.

Stone Origins was created to provide customers with an opportunity to buy directly from the importer.
The company has the custom design capability and logistical resources to provide every facet of the continuum from concept, to creation, to delivery.

CSCS is committed to serve our customers with personalised care and guide them through the development of their projects. Our expert sales team is always proud and ready to assist you in any way.

Located in the heart of Dallas Texas, Galleria Pierria is the newest addition to our family of affiliated companies.
It features the finest cast and natural stone products available in the industry.

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