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Budget Buying for Cast Stone

Budget Buying for Cast Stone Cast Stone is never a cheap building material, it’s quality that lasts for ages (look at cast stone made by ancient Rome) There are several ways to trim a cast stone budget, and to get the most for you money. The first method you can use to save money with […]

Cast Stone Parts, Exploded Diagram

What are parts, profiles, and units? Stone Parts and Units. These are the basic building blocks of cast stone. We manufacture cast stone parts that are assembled at the job site to form units. Parts are single pieces of stone. The profile is the basic shape of the part. A unit may be a single […]

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More Profiles for Surrounds Surround Profiles Besides the 10 profiles in our “Legend Heritage” profile family, we have literally hundreds of different profiles. If you have something in mind, we probably have something similar. Many of the profiles have a variety of different sizes and depths to go alongside brick, stucco, or other materials, so […]

Window Surround Families

Window and Door Surround Families We have a standard set of profiles designed to be used together, a sort of mix and match, choose one of each category, surround families. below is one set. There are 5 different profiles, each with a depth for stone next to brick, and a depth for stucco uses. And […]

Cast stone fountain with pool

Cross Section Library for Masonry Contractors Over the years we have drawn thousands of CAD drawings showing virtually every possible attachment method. We want to make them available as a reference cross section library. They are now posted to our website here, Masonry Contractors Cross Sections. Select a product group and the description/name of the […]

Village at Meridian Mall, ID

Masonry is a Tough business. Just the kind of no-excuse people I like. They are the epitome of the “Made In USA” brand. These people in the trades have never been more important to all of us than they are right now.     Cast Stone requires a lot of collaborative effort  between trades and […]

Attachment Hardware for Cast Stone

Attachment Hardware for Stone An assortment of attachment hardware   Find a local qualifies stone mason, or consult the local building codes for the specific attachment methods best for your needs. See our Technical Section for cross section drawings showing proper hardware usage and installation methods.

Rick Bennett - Stone Mason

We use computers to create intricate units made of dozens of parts that all fit together to make huge architectural features. But our products are just a pile of rocks sitting on the ground without a qualified and experienced stone mason. One of our favorite masons, a guy who’s installed 17 projects of our stone, […]

Copper Floor

When I first stated that I wanted a copper floor, all my research turned up floors made with penny‚Äôs covered in an acrylic resin finish. Not one to be a penny pincer, I then opted to create a pattern that would maximize the yield to waste based on the size of the copper sheet. I […]