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Watts a Texas family, the kind that gave Texas the name sake we enjoy here today. stories legends are made of. To be acknowledged & remembered…. this is Cleal II a friend   If Cleal could face the end of his days in the manor in which he did I figured I could face some of my own fears in his memory. I […]

“I’ve Lost My Passion for Obligation” by Richard Carey   With every journey there will come time and a place where the excitement dwindles. This is what I think the psyche calls the “Peter Principle.” Our conversations change and our own words convict us with words like, “This is all I can do or this […]

King of Starbucks by Richard Carey I have met and networked with some really interesting people from Starbucks over the years. Anybody who knows me will attest to why they called me “King of Starbucks.” I personally think it is because I do not know when to shut up. Political correctness is not a part […]

The “Almost Girls Only Book and Social Club” gets a real treat and a little one on one with Drew Pearson & his Hail Mary story. By: Richard Carey Drew Pearson recently spoke to an attending woman’s book club at Galleria Pierra, our stone showroom. It’s good business practice to cater to women and try to ingratiate […]

Jim Stillson is the diving coach at SMU, which is well known for their aquatic program, and has an unusual character in their choice of coaches. One day I finished playing tennis on campus, and noticed a diving meet in progress. Catching only the last hour I was very impressed with the finalist. At the […]

Dyslexia is something one copes with, but never really overcomes directly. That is not to say we give up, we just deploy a different skill set, recruiting the skill needed. We get by with a little help from our friends. There is no shame in asking for help, which is why people, are parts of […]

One night my friend Laurie, a local actress and the kindness of a very special spirit evident from a distance, gave me this “dumb as a rock” statement. She went on and on about how exceptional I was. But like any good Texan I took to her bragging. While I was wallowing and basking in […]

I would like to encourage each person who reads this to invest in the community. I believe in the laws of reciprocity. Odd how giving is the best way to receive. Not only does it make me feel better about myself, but also in the end it makes good business sense. The Boy Scouts of […]

Where do I begin? I could go on and on about her, write a whole book and never get to the heart of the matter or serve her justice. She’s tough in the Texas traditional sense, but nothing less than one would expect. Not to be mistaken with harsh speaking, in fact, she’s the total […]

I was initially skeptical about participating in the TEXAS MEN: Big Guns, Rising Stars & Cowboys book. Martana’s coordination efforts were magical and it was an unforgettable experience for all involved. This whole experience has been a real positive in my life and I am still reaping benefits from the friendships.  The relationships forged would […]