Richard Carey

This is all about a grass roots movement, rooting our culture in the appreciation of the arts. I remember when I was starting out I was always waiting on the big break that never came. I had a talent but advertising was a talent proved to be something I did not have. I resolved then, […]

War is a horrible thing. No one wants it, especially those on the front line. There is a lot of discussion about the war now that the Democrats control the house and the Senate. What they say we need is a new plan, but no mention of what that is? Please do not allow the […]

We’re all excited about the season starting. We had to stand in line for this photo and more than willingly, this was the man of the hour. There was a lot of electricity in the air all night.                                                      Winning Matters! One thing I have learned in business a winning team in your town makes doing business on […]

Stone is the oldest building material of allĀ and certainly the most enduring. Too bad the artisans can’t live as long as their work. One thing that can endure is their skills, if we protect them. Lost arts are like the artists that practiced them, treasure chests of skills passed from generation to generation. As a […]