Customers telling about their purchase of cast stone products.

Stone Legends Custom Cast Stone Project

Custom Cast Stone  JJust about anything you can imagine a structure to look like can be made from cast stone. Much of our products are of a similar sort, shaped parts for surrounds, horizontal banding, Standard columns of the classic Greek and Roman orders, balustrade shaped like lathed wood, or other classic styles. We do […]

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Rick Bennett - Stone Mason

We use computers to create intricate units made of dozens of parts that all fit together to make huge architectural features. But our products are just a pile of rocks sitting on the ground without a qualified and experienced stone mason. One of our favorite masons, a guy who’s installed 17 projects of our stone, […]

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Right Elevation - Luxe Homes Design/Build

Olde World Homes/LUXE Homes Design+Build From: Bryan Leith Subject: Our visit to Stone Legends in Dallas. Team, As most of you know David Gibbons, Nick, and myself made a trip to Dallas to go visit Stone Legends to check out their operation, product, and meet with the owner Richard Carey and staff. We were also […]

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