Our estimators will take your design and take it apart and design how the stone will go together, producing a very accurate look at your project and the cost of the stone we will produce.

Cast Stone Submittal Documents Example

Cast Stone Submittals – The Next Stage of Production Once the production of a project is approved by everyone involved, We begin the final design stages, showing exactly what you will get, each part and each complete unit, and every linear foot of stone needed to build the project as you want it. We draw it […]

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Customer Plan Placement Example

Cast Stone Estimating The first step in producing cast stone for a project is taking the plans and turning them into an estimate or bid. The best bids will specify as line-items the stone based on the architect’s or builder’s drawings. A good estimator will take customer plans and break them down into logical masonry units. Similar types of units […]

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Customer Timeline

Customer Approval Points At several points in the production process we send drawings to a customer and they must sign and return them before we can proceed with the design process. There is a limited amount of time these approval documents can be held before it makes the original estimation of the delivery date impossible […]

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Window Surround Parts Required Diagram

Cast Stone by the Part A single block of cast stone is a part. If you know what you want, or have a good stone mason who does, you can send us a order of the number of parts you need and with financial approval, move your order straight into production, no design or drafting […]

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Budget Buying for Cast Stone

Budget Buying for Cast Stone Cast Stone is never a cheap building material, it’s quality that lasts for ages (look at cast stone made by ancient Rome) There are several ways to trim a cast stone budget, and to get the most for you money. The first method you can use to save money with […]

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