Project Management

Steps we take with every project we produce to make sure that every piece is correctly made, arrives at the correct time, and goes in the correct place in the project.

Grace Lutheran Church Window Restoration

Church Window Restoration –  Some time ago we were tasked with reproducing the stone for a very elaborate stained glass window,      Each piece of cast stone was drawn, reproducing the original design, creating repeatable sections of the window parts.   

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Cast Stone Submittal Documents Example

Cast Stone Submittals – The Next Stage of Production Once the production of a project is approved by everyone involved, We begin the final design stages, showing exactly what you will get, each part and each complete unit, and every linear foot of stone needed to build the project as you want it. We draw it […]

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Customer Timeline

Customer Approval Points At several points in the production process we send drawings to a customer and they must sign and return them before we can proceed with the design process. There is a limited amount of time these approval documents can be held before it makes the original estimation of the delivery date impossible […]

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Rick Bennett - Stone Mason

We use computers to create intricate units made of dozens of parts that all fit together to make huge architectural features. But our products are just a pile of rocks sitting on the ground without a qualified and experienced stone mason. One of our favorite masons, a guy who’s installed 17 projects of our stone, […]

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