Cleal Watt's Twilight of Sampson

Watts a Texas family, the kind that gave Texas the name sake we enjoy here today. stories legends are made of. To be acknowledged & remembered…. this is Cleal II a friend   If Cleal could face the end of his days in the manor in which he did I figured I could face some of my own fears in his memory. I […]

Ageing sucks for some if not all in some way. I say so that we might each find a reason to count ourselves fortunate. I had breakfast with what you might call my surrogate mother. I’ve been close to the family since the 7th grade. I called her last night just to make sure we […]

Military Matters By Richard Carey      War is a horrible thing. No one wants it, especially those on the front line. There is a lot of discussion about the war now that the Democrats control the house and the Senate. What they say we need is a new plan, but no mention of what that […]

Creating an Outdoor Sanctuary by Cathy Coker Martin November 2005 Issue – Title: Outdoor Rooms, The Hottest Trend in Home Design by Cathy Coker Martin As a little girl I remember spending hours in my grandmother’s backyard swing. Daddy built an amazing treehouse for us in the big oak tree behind our house, complete with […]

“I’ve Lost My Passion for Obligation” by Richard Carey   With every journey there will come time and a place where the excitement dwindles. This is what I think the psyche calls the “Peter Principle.” Our conversations change and our own words convict us with words like, “This is all I can do or this […]

King of Starbucks

King of Starbucks by Richard Carey I have met and networked with some really interesting people from Starbucks over the years. Anybody who knows me will attest to why they called me “King of Starbucks.” I personally think it is because I do not know when to shut up. Political correctness is not a part […]

The “Almost Girls Only Book and Social Club” gets a real treat and a little one on one with Drew Pearson & his Hail Mary story. By: Richard Carey Drew Pearson recently spoke to an attending woman’s book club at Galleria Pierra, our stone showroom. It’s good business practice to cater to women and try to ingratiate […]

Jim Stillson is the diving coach at SMU, which is well known for their aquatic program, and has an unusual character in their choice of coaches. One day I finished playing tennis on campus, and noticed a diving meet in progress. Catching only the last hour I was very impressed with the finalist. At the […]

Learning to Read People

Dyslexia is something one copes with, but never really overcomes directly. That is not to say we give up, we just deploy a different skill set, recruiting the skill needed. We get by with a little help from our friends. There is no shame in asking for help, which is why people, are parts of […]