Cast Stone Chateauesque Style

Many of the homes we produce stone for follow classic architectural styles. Some of the grandest homes we do are in the “Chateauesque” style. This first home is a great example. This home is part of the Belle Fiore Vineyard and Winery, and includes a bed and breakfast and a wedding chapel.

Chateauesque Style Home

Chateauesque style

Chateauesque style is a revival of the architectural styles of the French renaissance, in particular French country houses built in the Loire Valley of the 1500’s, which were influenced by late Gothic and Italian Renaissance architecture. The revival primarily ran from the late 1800’s to the 1910’s.

Chateauesque houses have many of these features:

homes are invariably large mansions
highly ornamented roofline
ornate windows and doors
tall, elaborate chimneys
steeply pitched hipped roof
multiple dormers, towers, and turrets
stone or masonry construction

Chateauesque Style Hom

These photos were taken just after construction was completed, but before the landscaping and grape vines were put in. You can see the final look (with all the plants covering up our cast stone!) here,

Chateauesque Style Home

Here is a different project, a very castle-like design. The checker-board pattern is light and dark square stone panels.


Chateauesque Style Home


Chateauesque Style Home

This is a third Chateauesque home, a bit smaller than the previous two palaces, but still an impressive architectural design. Note each of the three have a round (Hexagonal here, Octagonal on the first property) Each have grand staircases, and curved window surround tops, and each has a row of midline banding, along with a rough stone wall cladding.

Chateauesque Style Home

Cast Stone Staircases

One of our biggest, grandest, most visually stunning groups of products is our staircase units. We will build a set of cast stone stairs in whatever width, elevation and angle you need to walk up or down from, straight, curved or split. carefully designed to fit together like a huge 3 Dimensional Jigsaw Puzzle, Stone legends carefully drafts each part to fit right into place.

Cast Stone Stairs Staircase

Cast Stone split staircase with lighting insets in the tread risers. Part of a front entry and patio area.

Landscaping Stairs
Cast Stone Stairs Staircase

Cast Stone Stairs, landscaping staircases with ball finials on the newel piers, with a patio and pool house.


Cast Stone Stairs Staircase

Cast Stone Stairs, with custom width newel piers.


Cast Stone Stairs Staircase

Cast Stone Double Helical Staircase.


Cast Stone Stairs Staircase

Cast Stone Stairs for landscaping. This is during construction, balustrade and newel piers are yet to be installed


Cast Stone Stairs Staircase

Cast Stone Stairs, with a huge balustraded patio.


Cast Stone Stairs Staircase

Cast Stone Spiral Staircase. A particularly complex design, with several offset spirals coming together, maintaining level treads and with a fountain and pool underneath the upper stairs.

We produced cast stone fountains and waterscapes for one commercial company for several different locations.

Meridian Mall Fountain

All the planters, wall caps, and panels for the walls and bridge are manufactured cast stone.

Meridian Mall Fountain with bridge

We also produced cast stone firepits for the communal areas of the mall.

Meridian Mall Cast Stone Firepit

Meridian Mall Cast Stone Firepit

Cast stone fire pit at Village at Meridian Mall, Meridian Idaho

Meridian Mall Cast Stone Firepit

Tiered Fountains

These fountains next are a different style (we have many options for freestanding multi-tiered fountains like this one), installed in a different location, done in a custom color as well.

Cast stone fountain with pool

Cast stone fountain with pool

Cross Section of the fountain above

Cast stone fountain with pool

The project manager at D.R. Horton (for the three images immediately above) sent out a memo to the architects and landscape designers at B.G.O. Architects about fountain suppliers for their company’s ongoing projects.

“DHIC project has a cast stone fountain, standard from Stone Legends, Dallas, TX.  These are the best cast stone manufactures in the US.  I used them exclusively on two massive life style retail projects, The Village at Meridian, Boise, Idaho and The Shops at Station Park, Farmington, Utah.  The work across the US and Internationally. The two mirror projects were $630M combined.  If we have a fountain on our project, Stone Legends will provide the fountain cast stone, and Strand currently is providing the foundation structure”

Custom Cast Stone Signage

This 5′ x 9′ custom stone art signage is for the Louisiana Department of Transportation, the art work was designed for a mix-master highway interchange in Shreveport, on Highway I-49.

A funny story to tell: Our stone has quartz in it that refracts light, and for years prior to digital photography, the light coming off the stone would burn the film. In bright sunlight the details washed out lit very carefully. I saw the need to not have flat surfaces that were relieved one half of an inch stepping up and down to make the art work a relief. So I contacted the general contractor PCL Civil Constructors asking for a meeting to discuss my artistic liberty. Little did I know what I had asked for?

Some time later a call was arranged upon my behalf to discuss my inputs as an artist. I never got an exact account on how many people were on the conference call, but there seemed to be several people on the other end of the line.

As one might expect they were concerned at what this modification was going to cost? I explained that I believed I could do it in the same budget though it did increase the difficulty. Now after that statement, I had a following that was growing, and though there was a cost to bear, it would not be passed along to them, since I felt it was in the best interest of the State of Louisiana to have our best effort. I further described, as I did above, the inherent nature of stone’s ability to refract light and how to use it to our advantage. They accepted the idea in premise, or the main speaker did, and I started to move on to the next step of approving the art work.

Not so fast, one voice said, and then another chimed in and another soon I was starting to figure out just how many people were on the call, and it was getting out of hand quickly, These people were certainly passionate about the art for their project. So, just before things went critical I said with a loud voice “HOLD IT”

As the airways fell silent, in a voice of assurance that was as bold as I could speak and still sound calm I said, “At the risk of sounding like Donald J Trump …. Trust me, your going to love it.”

That’s when I know there were even more on the conference call that I could have imagined as laughter broke out like a stadium. I was allowed my artistic liberty. Here is one of the four designs that got approved with no changes. More to come…


Cast Stone Signage

A recent project had a lovely and detailed sign made from the company symbol of two deer and a tree. We received the plans in mid 2015 for Homeland Bank in Monroe, Louisiana.

Homeland Bank Elevation, Monroe, LA

Homeland Bank Front Elevation

The sign really captured the almost photo like quality of the original image, a moment captured as the two deer paused under a tree in a field. The texture of the grass and tree appears quite realistic, and the deer have more relief from the flat cast stone of the sky background to make them stand out.


Homeland Bank Sign

Homeland Bank, Cast Stone Sign – Closeup


Homeland Bank Entry

Homeland Bank Entry, detail drawings and cross sections.

This shows the pieces that went into the complete cast stone entry with the sign. The cross section shows the stacks of flat profiles that create the Greek Revival style pediment and stone columns. There is another touch of cast stone art in the top of the columns as well as another sign with cast in lettering, note the sharpness of the decorative serifs on the lettering.

Homeland Sign Photo

Homeland Sign Photo

Homeland Sign Photo Side View, under construction. It contains an identical entry and sign as on the front view, seen in the drawing above.

Cast Stone Sign, Cast stone entry, stone columns, greek revival

Cast Stone Lions –

Lions by Stone Legends greet me with a peace
only strength could offer.

Stone Legends Lion Prone Statue

A classic style, and one of our popular pieces of cast stone art. This prone lion looks as natural and as detailed as the real thing, all it’s missing is the roar.

Even an understated entrance can make a statement.

We have over the years created custom cast stone signs and art pieces in just about any style, size, and color.  This brochure shows much of the range of things we can design and build in cast stone.

Custom art and signage in cast stone

Custom art and signage in cast stone

We produced stone for the Life Sciences Building on the University of North Texas Denton campus. We built the main entry for the building, including the curved sign above the door, and a sculpted sign for the plaza at the corner.

University of North Texas Life Sciences Building

The entry has several parts to it, The curved banding that caps the brick columns, a surround for the door and window above, and the lettering that runs along many panels as well as a wide radius curve.

University of North Texas Life Sciences Building
University of North Texas Life Sciences Building
University of North Texas Life Sciences Building

This is the sculpted sign they put in the plaza between several buildings

University of North Texas Life Sciences Building

Here is a young couple taking photos, with our sign as the background

University of North Texas Life Sciences Building

Closeups of the details.

University of North Texas Life Sciences Building
University of North Texas Life Sciences Building
University of North Texas Life Sciences Building

And a high resolution shot of the sign

University of North Texas Life Sciences Building

Cast stone signage, University of North Texas life science building

You never know, I guess little boys reside in us forever.

As an adult I might not so willingly admit how many episodes, much less reruns of the TV program Hercules I’ve seen. You never in a million years think you will meet him in person much less spend the day with him playing golf. Recently, at a celebrity charity sponsored by Bob’s Steak and Chop House I did just that. Much to my surprise he was the same pleasant spirit, with the same gentleness only real inner strength portrays, and with all that he had the humility he portrayed as my hero Hercules.

Well maybe the humility waned a little on hole number two when Kevin knocked a 250 yard # 3 wood stiff, leaving less than a 10 foot putt, He had the honor of sinking for the second eagle of the day.

For many, Kevin Sorbo’s run on Hercules: The Legendary Journeys And Xena is untouchable, and made him a household name to fans both young and old. He also starred in the adventure movie “Kull the Conqueror”, a story from the author and world of “Conan the Barbarian”. Sorbo’s next major role on the sci-fi series Andromeda made him one of the few nerd icons capable of leaping from swords to spaceships, but the son of Zeus he will forever be. He even reprised the Hercules role in the video game, God of War III – not quite the same character.

In life we suffer many disappointments especially when we elevate people in status and admiration. You know it is nice when your boyhood hero really does turn out to be a hero. He was our team’s hero on the second hole, but it was his role in the low budget film “God Is Dead” that had won me over. His wife and he were on a talk show promoting the movie when I first realized he was a real life hero, the kind of hero that faces such things as a brain aneurysm. To me it was the same as looking death in the eye and smiling only to go on to do even greater things.

I can honestly say if ever there was a fan club I wanted to join it would be Kevin’s. God bless him and thank you for the time, past, present, and by grace the future.

Richard Carey

Richard Carey & Kevin Sorbo

Kevin Sorbo and Richard Carey meet at a Charity Golf Tournament in Dallas

This is a project we producted stone for many years ago, but we just received some photos we wanted to share with everyone.

This home is 100% stone, top to bottom. It has a paneling pattern often used in Italianate and other architectural styles architecture. It creates an impression of horizontal bands and surrounds on the windows and doors.

Cast Stone Residence front yard

residential cast stone project, with a complete cast stone facade

Cast Stone residencial entry

cast stone entryway

Cast Stone Residence

Cast Stone Residence, Pool and Patio

Cast Stone Residence, Pool and Patio

This pool are shows the paneling pattern up close.

Cast Stone Residence, Pool and Patio

Cast Stone Residence, Pool and Patio

Cast Stone Residence, Pool and Patio

Cast Stone Residence, semi-enclosed patio

The pattern continues in this veranda area.

Cast Stone Residence, Pool and Patio

A view of the ocean out the window. No actual stone in the shot, just a lovely interior.

Cast Stone Architecture