The Hero Lives On (and plays a mean round of golf)

You never know, I guess little boys reside in us forever. As an adult I might not so willingly admit how many episodes, much less reruns of the TV program Hercules I’ve seen. You never in a million years think you will meet him in person much less spend the day with him playing golf. […]

A classic style, all in cast stone

This is a project we producted stone for many years ago, but we just received some photos we wanted to share with everyone. This home is 100% stone, top to bottom. It has a paneling pattern often used in Italianate and other architectural styles architecture. It creates an impression of horizontal bands and surrounds on […]

Midline banding is generally, any band that isn’t at the bottom or the top. The styles and profiles usable for midline are nearly infinite, the options are less constrained that Cornice or Watertable. The band will usually run aligned with the top of a window surround or entry, or the visual position of a second […]

Many banding applications are wide, sometimes more than a foot across. Using multiple profiles makes the individual pieces lighter and easier to install. Several profiles are often stacked together as a single course, (a set of profiles installed together as a single band) Two identical profiles are often used that way, one reversed. The watertable […]

We produce many types of signage. For Borden we produced custom art that was cast into the tooling, so it came out in relief, with lettering sandblasted into the panel, then all was painted. The sign is complete, and ready for packing and shipping The sign was installed at their front factory entrance. The artwork, […]

Style and Cast Stone - Italianate

Italianate Style (1840-1885) Italianate style is a rebellion against previous formal classical ideals fashionable since the 1600’s. It developed first in Britain about 1802. Some of the styles strongest characteristics include low-pitched or flat roofs on two-to-four story tall homes, with wide eaves, decorative paired brackets and cornices. An emphasis on vertical proportions, including tall, […]

Close up details of the installed sign. While searching the area on Google Earth, we ran across the mason installing our stone. Masonry by Leroy Ardnt. Thank you Mr Ardnt, our product is nothing but a pile of rocks without a qualified masonry installer. On further research I discovered that Mr Ardnt had passed away […]

This Ranger sign we did for NWOSU (North Western Oklahoma State University) was a special piece of work, all of our communal skills used in one fairly small unit. The college mascot already had a design, and at least one statue prominently displayed on campus. This would sit at the street in front of the […]