Cast stone fountain with pool

We produced cast stone fountains and waterscapes for one commercial company for several different locations. All the planters, wall caps, and panels for the walls and bridge are manufactured cast stone. We also produced cast stone firepits for the communal areas of the mall. Cast stone fire pit at Village at Meridian Mall, Meridian Idaho […]

Custom Cast Stone Signage

This 5′ x 9′ custom stone art signage is for the Louisiana Department of Transportation, the art work was designed for a mix-master highway interchange in Shreveport, on Highway I-49. A funny story to tell: Our stone has quartz in it that refracts light, and for years prior to digital photography, the light coming off […]

Homeland Bank Sign

A recent project had a lovely and detailed sign made from the company symbol of two deer and a tree. We received the plans in mid 2015 for Homeland Bank in Monroe, Louisiana. The sign really captured the almost photo like quality of the original image, a moment captured as the two deer paused under […]

Stone Legends Lion Prone Statue

Cast Stone Lions – Lions by Stone Legends greet me with a peace only strength could offer. A classic style, and one of our popular pieces of cast stone art. This prone lion looks as natural and as detailed as the real thing, all it’s missing is the roar. Even an understated entrance can make […]

Anything you can imagine

We have over the years created custom cast stone signs and art pieces in just about any style, size, and color.  This brochure shows much of the range of things we can design and build in cast stone.

Can You See The Signs

We produced stone for the Life Sciences Building on the University of North Texas Denton campus. We built the main entry for the building, including the curved sign above the door, and a sculpted sign for the plaza at the corner. The entry has several parts to it, The curved banding that caps the brick […]

The Hero Lives On (and plays a mean round of golf)

You never know, I guess little boys reside in us forever. As an adult I might not so willingly admit how many episodes, much less reruns of the TV program Hercules I’ve seen. You never in a million years think you will meet him in person much less spend the day with him playing golf. […]

A classic style, all in cast stone

This is a project we producted stone for many years ago, but we just received some photos we wanted to share with everyone. This home is 100% stone, top to bottom. It has a paneling pattern often used in Italianate and other architectural styles architecture. It creates an impression of horizontal bands and surrounds on […]

Architectural Banding in Cast Stone - Pg 2 - Midline Banding

Midline banding is generally, any band that isn’t at the bottom or the top. The styles and profiles usable for midline are nearly infinite, the options are less constrained that Cornice or Watertable. The band will usually run aligned with the top of a window surround or entry, or the visual position of a second […]