From Richard Carey Subject: Red cross contact To: Gail J. McGovern President American Red Cross Yes Mam, If I may for a moment distract you? Over coffee this morning I made a few comments about a recent experience I had with the Red Cross. My friend Shep Hoffman asks that I contact you and I […]

Stone Legends will be seen in several new places. We are continuing to place ads in our old favorite places, Architectural Digest in particular (see us in the March issue), but we are expanding our marketing efforts this year. We have placed ads in The Robb Report Exceptional Properties (see the online issue of the magazine […]

We have posted expanded profiles and photos in Facebook and LinkedIn. Take a look at what we do. There are several of our most beautiful residences posted, as well as collections from a section of our product lines, and posts relating to our services.!/pages/Stone-Legends/143464699048245?sk=photos   

At Stone Legends, we pride ourselves in our attention to detail. From the very beginning of a project we look for problems to solve, before they become costly. An Architect from a Local firm visited our factory and met with the owner, Richard Carey and his response follows. We helped him find ways to coordinate […]

You may catch a Stone Legends commercial on TV. From August 29th to the end of September, we will have a spot running on ESPN, HGTV, TNT, HIST, and FXNC. The majority will run between 7PM and midnight, but some will be showing during daytime business hours. This ad is the one we mentioned a […]

Jaime Tardy’s website, The Eventual Millionaire has posted an audio interview with Richard Carey, our General Manager. He discusses his path to success in business and his management philosophy. Richard answers questions about his successes and his failures, and how they all led up to the present day Stone Legends family of companies. Hear the […]

Inside the April, 2011 issue of Smithsonian Magazine, we found an ad for tourism in San Diego. The most beautiful background they could find there for their ad is … … Our Stone at the Grande Del Mar Hotel         Click to see the ad larger

Our profile is being broadcast on the Ion Media Network. The video profile done by CloseUp TV News was broadcast on May 2nd, and will be rebroadcast on June 13th and July 18th at 6:30 AM on Dallas area TV Channel 68 KPXD or your local ION channel. You can see the video profile online […]

Closeup TV News produced a company profile and documentary on Stone Legends some time ago, and they are about to broadcast the program. They have produced a 30 second commercial for us, click here to view the commercial   ( and will be giving us broadcast dates for the complete program very soon. The dates for […]

I have often said that Starbucks offers us a meeting place to fill one of the most basic of human needs: community with a unique ability to be people without respect of persons. I must admit I have met some very interesting people there but none was more of a surprise than when I met […]