We heard this from a customer from a few years ago, about their satisfaction with the stone we produced for their home. Subject: RE: Mailbox Brady Bid I hope you are doing well. The house is absolutely gorgeous and a lot of the exterior detail was accomplished with your incredible help. I am forever grateful […]

We heard this from a new customer of ours. We have working with them during the early phases of designing this project. From: RJ MACHACEK Subject: Thanks for your help I want to thank you again for helping us cast a vision for the Via Dolorosa. I believe your were key in helping us see […]

The award for excellence in hardscape design was given to Stone Legends for the Cooper Centennial Fountain and Gail O. and R. Gerald Turner Pavillion in the SMU Quadrangle. Thanks to everyone involved, the architect (Robyn Dunn Jacobson & Marilen Mendez at Kevin Sloan Studio) and the mason (Fred Miller / TST Construction Services, LLC) […]

To the staff of Stone Legends: Thank you, each and everyone. I have included this latter as public recognition of my great respect for each of you. At some risk of saying so, I believe our customers are just as fortunate as I am to have the privilege of associating with you. This is much […]

Our GM, keeping up with a former customer. From: Waters, Lee Sent: Thursday, July 19, 2012 9:41 AM To: Richard Carey Subject: RE: Thought of you Hi, Richard, Sam and I having been talking about you a lot lately, so your ears must surely have been burning. We got significant damage during the June 13 […]

From Richard Carey Subject: Red cross contact To: Gail J. McGovern President American Red Cross Yes Mam, If I may for a moment distract you? Over coffee this morning I made a few comments about a recent experience I had with the Red Cross. My friend Shep Hoffman asks that I contact you and I […]

Stone Legends will be seen in several new places. We are continuing to place ads in our old favorite places, Architectural Digest in particular (see us in the March issue), but we are expanding our marketing efforts this year. We have placed ads in The Robb Report Exceptional Properties¬†(see the online issue of the magazine […]

We have posted expanded profiles and photos in Facebook and LinkedIn. Take a look at what we do. There are several of our most beautiful residences posted, as well as collections from a section of our product lines, and posts relating to our services. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Stone-Legends/143464699048245#!/pages/Stone-Legends/143464699048245?sk=photos http://www.linkedin.com/company/stone-legends/products   

At Stone Legends, we pride ourselves in our attention to detail. From the very beginning of a project we look for problems to solve, before they become costly. An Architect from a Local firm visited our factory and met with the owner, Richard Carey and his response follows. We helped him find ways to coordinate […]

You may catch a Stone Legends commercial on TV. From August 29th to the end of September, we will have a spot running on ESPN, HGTV, TNT, HIST, and FXNC. The majority will run between 7PM and midnight, but some will be showing during daytime business hours. This ad is the one we mentioned a […]