Stone Legends is the subject of a new documentary by the cable network news program “Closeup TV News“. Closeup TV News is an award winning production company specializing in business news and profiles of industry leaders. They recently visited out facility in South East Dallas, Texas, and interviewed Owner and General manager Richard Carey, and […]

I considered myself an organized person. I did appreciate the compliment in your office, but I must SAY, I have NEVER seen a business so well organized as yours in my entire life in business… that’s almost 40 years worth. Some people think they have great systems in place. and sure they do. but nothing […]

I have a few words for his friends and family especially his wife; words intended to honor him not in passing but his effect on others. That will surely live on for all of us he touched.This place was enough to break any man god knows it broke me. Any mistake at all was costly […]

This is a new video documentary about Richard carey and Stone Legends. The video is viewable at this web location, It goes into depth about the history and products of the company. 12 minutes running time.

Words take wing on the air. Not bound by those things grounded one takes pause that perhaps in a grateful ear they take seed. Knowing that having received the seeds in fertile ground that one day the fruit there of will again take wing and bring forth fruit of it’s own kind. So shall we […]

Cleal Watt's Twilight of Sampson

Watts a Texas family, the kind that gave Texas the name sake we enjoy here today. stories legends are made of. To be acknowledged & remembered…. this is Cleal II a friend   If Cleal could face the end of his days in the manor in which he did I figured I could face some of my own fears in his memory. I […]

Ageing sucks for some if not all in some way. I say so that we might each find a reason to count ourselves fortunate. I had breakfast with what you might call my surrogate mother. I’ve been close to the family since the 7th grade. I called her last night just to make sure we […]

Military Matters By Richard Carey      War is a horrible thing. No one wants it, especially those on the front line. There is a lot of discussion about the war now that the Democrats control the house and the Senate. What they say we need is a new plan, but no mention of what that […]

Creating an Outdoor Sanctuary by Cathy Coker Martin November 2005 Issue – Title: Outdoor Rooms, The Hottest Trend in Home Design by Cathy Coker Martin As a little girl I remember spending hours in my grandmother’s backyard swing. Daddy built an amazing treehouse for us in the big oak tree behind our house, complete with […]