Jaime Tardy’s website, The Eventual Millionaire has posted an audio interview with Richard Carey, our General Manager. He discusses his path to success in business and his management philosophy. Richard answers questions about his successes and his failures, and how they all led up to the present day Stone Legends family of companies. Hear the […]

Inside the April, 2011 issue of Smithsonian Magazine, we found an ad for tourism in San Diego. The most beautiful background they could find there for their ad is … … Our Stone at the Grande Del Mar Hotel         Click to see the ad larger

Our profile is being broadcast on the Ion Media Network. The video profile done by CloseUp TV News was broadcast on May 2nd, and will be rebroadcast on June 13th and July 18th at 6:30 AM on Dallas area TV Channel 68 KPXD or your local ION channel. You can see the video profile online […]

Closeup TV News produced a company profile and documentary on Stone Legends some time ago, and they are about to broadcast the program. They have produced a 30 second commercial for us, click here to view the commercial   (http://www.closeuptvnews.com/videos/stonelegendstv/) and will be giving us broadcast dates for the complete program very soon. The dates for […]

I have often said that Starbucks offers us a meeting place to fill one of the most basic of human needs: community with a unique ability to be people without respect of persons. I must admit I have met some very interesting people there but none was more of a surprise than when I met […]

Stone Legends is the subject of a new documentary by the cable network news program “Closeup TV News“. Closeup TV News is an award winning production company specializing in business news and profiles of industry leaders. They recently visited out facility in South East Dallas, Texas, and interviewed Owner and General manager Richard Carey, and […]

I considered myself an organized person. I did appreciate the compliment in your office, but I must SAY, I have NEVER seen a business so well organized as yours in my entire life in business… that’s almost 40 years worth. Some people think they have great systems in place. and sure they do. but nothing […]

I have a few words for his friends and family especially his wife; words intended to honor him not in passing but his effect on others. That will surely live on for all of us he touched.This place was enough to break any man god knows it broke me. Any mistake at all was costly […]

This is a new video documentary about Richard carey and Stone Legends. The video is viewable at this web location,          http://closeuptvnews.com/videos/stonelegends/. It goes into depth about the history and products of the company. 12 minutes running time.

Words take wing on the air. Not bound by those things grounded one takes pause that perhaps in a grateful ear they take seed. Knowing that having received the seeds in fertile ground that one day the fruit there of will again take wing and bring forth fruit of it’s own kind. So shall we […]